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Bingo is a game that is played the world over and has gained astounding popularity in the past few decades alone, even though it is a game that is one of the oldest in the casino. Bingo is played in all parts of the world, everywhere from schools and church basements to great bingo playoffs with thousands of people participating.

Contrary to popular belief about the other forms of casino and online casino games, bingo has never really been associated with the sinful practices of the gambling communities. Whenever anyone wants to make a movie about gambling, he will usually not choose to make a movie about bingo. He may, but he usually won't.

While there are stories about bingo forgeries, theft, blackmail and other crimes, just like in any other organization, bingo has remained squeaky clean and has none of the clinging of sin the the other casinos have, in the form of topless Vegas girls, drugs, prostitution and organizes crime.

Hence it is not surprising that bingo has become kind of a grandmother's game, and has people sneering at this “old woman's” game. While this is in fact the case, and the elderly are known to play bingo on a regular basis in homes and hospitals, paypal bingo can be fun for the whole family and enjoyable for people of all ages and in online casinos as well.

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It's about time that Philippine bingo industry widens its horizons. After all, bingo has proven to be a great source of income. Learn more about it here.

The game of Bingo got its name from 'Beano.' It originated from the Italian lottery in 1530.

This article discusses where to play bingo games online for free and how to use free games to learn the rules of bingo.

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    Five armed men broke into the Gala Bingo Club in Basildon. The suspects made their escape aboard their motorcycles after committing the crime. No one was hurt in the whole incident a;though the robbers did take an employee hostage at one point.

    The bingo halls in Ontario have been greatly affected by the smoking ban that took effect on May 31st. To cope up with the situation, Peter Lindsay, one of the owners of the bingo halls in the area requested the City Council reduce the licensing fee that the bingo halls have to pay.

    The residents of South Manchester strongly believe that the opening of a casino near the school will only bring destruction among students and its residents. However, the Buckingham Bingos chief executive defends the situation. The bingo that has been there for long will still continue to operate; they will just the small scale casino to answer the demand of their customers. If many had opposed yet there are still some residents who supports the idea of the casino plan.

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