How to play Bingo

Bingo was invented centuries ago by the ruler of a chines city who saw that in his campaign of war against his neighbors he was losing money fast and that his treasury was beginning to be a tad empty. Now, while he did not want to raise eh the taxes, since them there would be an uprising, he invented a game that his people could play and win prizes in, and he would finally be able to carry on the war that he so deeply wanted.

At first the game was a simple one, and the cards were based upon an ancient Chinese poem that was used to count and sort numbers in those time. The prizes were usually food, or livestock or other simple things, very different from online winning roulette games. And the experiment worked. People flocked to the bingo games and the ruler of the city was able to raise enough money.

When Marco Polo came to china he brought the game of bingo back with him and converted the cards to numbers and from then on the rest is history. Bingo spread like wildfire and soon spread to the United States. However, then it was still a game played by small groups of people. It was not until a way was discovered to print large amounts of cards, each with a different formation of numbers that bingo really gained in popularity.

While not exactly a casino game, bingo is nonetheless the most popular gambling game ever and promises to remain as such for many years to come.

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