Police Sort Through a Pensioner Bingo Argument

Police Authorities were called in to a Community Center located on Bordeaux Road in Meir on a Thursday evening to settle an argument. The problem has started between one of the pensioners who was playing bingo inside the community center and a member of the staff who operates the bingo games.

Fortunately, no arrest are made because of the unfortunate and untoward incident that had been blown out of proportion.

One of the players in the group commented that future bingo sessions for their group of pensioners had now been cancelled indefinitely because of what happened. The estimated age of majority of pensioners in the hall is over 70 years old. The whole incident had rather been funny and hilarious.

Mary Robinson, one of the players said that there was a bit of a row between a player and the person that is running the bingo operations which got out of hand. It was really ridiculous and funny when the authorities arrived and said that they are arresting all of us, even those that are not involved in the matter.

They had let us carry on with the bingo game when we have kindly informed them that our service will not be arriving until 9:00 p.m. Future bingo game sessions for their group have now been postponed. She thinks that it is unfair that they are all going to suffer just because of what happened between two people.

Staffordshire authorities said that there is no one that is available to officially comment on the incident.

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