Richard Chilinski Named New CFO of Littlefield Corporation

The Littlefield Corporation announced the successor to former Chief Financial Officer Troy Zinn's position barely a month after resigning his post with the company.

Richard Chilinski will take over the position of Troy Zinn as Littlefield Corporation's new Chief Financial Officer of the Texas based gaming company starting on Monday.

Mr. Chilinski has work for almost 30 years in the finance sector with new and established companies. He has worked as the senior vice president and chief financial officer of XeTel Corporation, a contract manufacturing firm that went bankrupt back in 2002, before working in Littlefield Corporation as its new Chief Financial Officer.

The president and Chief Executive Officer of Littlefield Corporation, Jeffrey Mich, said that Richard Chilinski is a welcomed and valuable addition to Littlefield Family and they could benefit of his experience as a seasoned leader and finance professional on the business.

He has also demonstrated certain qualities that the company will certainly benefit from and is a good addition to Littlefield's management continuity, capability and depth on a daily basis,

The company primarily operates 30 bingo halls in Texas, Alabama and South Carolina and is formerly known as American Bingo and Gaming.

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